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National Standards Paired with Our Local Owners

The Handyman Group offers a distinctive service experience that marries the best of national standards with the charm of local ownership. As a part of a renowned national franchise, we are committed to upholding rigorous ethics and service benchmarks, which many local businesses struggle to match. Our journey in delivering exceptional handyman services commenced in 2017, and we take pride in consistently offering friendly and dependable services. In fact, we are proud to be one of the largest networks of home improvement professionals spanning across New Zealand

Despite our remarkable growth and access to abundant resources, we remain deeply rooted in our local ethos. Each of our franchises is locally owned and operated, allowing us to serve communities and customers of all kinds with personalized services.

A Stress-Free Service Experience

Over the years, The Handyman Group has catered to nearly one one hundred thousand customers from all parts of New Zealand. Our success is underpinned by our swift responsiveness, professional demeanor, and superior workmanship. Our technicians are not only answerable to us but also to you, our valued customers. This dual accountability motivates them to provide the utmost in service quality. We are committed to providing a worry-free experience, taking charge of your entire to-do list. Our dedicated team ensures tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.

Our Professional Approach

Prompt Live Call Handling – When you reach out to The Handyman Group, an answering machine is a rare sight during our business hours. We make it a priority to answer every call promptly. Our friendly, empathetic, and helpful professionals are always ready to assist, from addressing your queries to arranging last-minute appointments.

Service Technicians – Our service technicians take every measure to ensure you have a top-notch experience. They arrive punctually in our clearly marked The Handyman Group vehicles, equipped with all the necessary tools for the job. We handle your home with the utmost respect and care, using booties to protect your floors and ensuring a thorough cleanup upon completion.

The Strength of a Comprehensive Home Improvement Team

Unlike one-person operations, The Handyman Group doesn't rely on just one technician. We boast a team of skilled craftsmen who can proficiently manage a wide array of home improvement projects. This collaborative approach enables us to offer a diverse range of services to our clients. From your initial phone call to the final project wrap-up, we guarantee that every team member you engage with ensures you have an exceptional experience.

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