Rental Property Maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance

Handyman Services for Owners of Rental Properties

The Handyman Group is a landlords best friend.  We can be your one point of contact for almost all repairs and upgrades to your rental property.  Regardless if it's fixing a leaking tap, patching holes in the wall or doing more in depth work to get the house compliant under the Healthy Homes Standards legislation.  

We have you covered and can provide documentation for your records around this.  Below are some common jobs we do for landlords and property managers across New Zealand.

Fix Leaking Taps

We have all had that tap that keeps on dripping, not a big job but a very common job we get called out to fix.  Most times its just a washer change and the problem is fixed.

Fix Broken Kitchen Doors & Drawers

A broken kitchen door and draw is another one of those jobs we do almost every single week, Not a hard job to fix but one that should be done as soon as possible before the door or dray is damaged to a point that it can't be fixed.

Patch A Hole

Holes in rental property walls are common and a job we do weekly.  Our handyman can patch and repaint and almost all the time you will never know there was a hole in the wall.

Hanging Curtain Rods & Curtains

One of those jobs that is always done when a long term tenant moves out and before a new tenant moves in.  Our handymen may not have the best taste in curtain fabrics, but they sure know how to hang them.

Smoke Alarm Checks and Installs

At the Handyman Group we have an internal policy that when ever we are in a rental property we will check that all existing smoke alarms are in working order and fit for purpose.  We can also install the correct smoke alarms in the correct places to keep your tenants safe.

Rental Property Maintenance

Preparing To Move?

Moving house can be a stressful time for the whole family, which is why our hubbies are dedicated to making your move as streamlined as possible. We can take care of tidying up the inside and outside of your current property, to leave it in a condition the new homeowners will be happy with. Plus, we can make your life easier by patching walls where picture frames were hung, replacing flooring or broken tiles, pressure cleaning the driveway, and restore any of the home features that may have seen some wear-and-tear.

Furthermore, we can also take care of preparing your belongings to re-locate to your new home. This include de-assembling indoor pieces such as wardrobes, dining room tables, flat packs – and outdoor furniture like trampolines or cubby houses. We’ll also de-stall clothes dryers and washing machines from wall racks, and take care of any rubbish you need removed. Best thing of all? We’ll re-assemble all your belongings at your new home so you don’t have to! Bliss.

If you’re exhausted just thinking about all the things you need to do to make your new house, feel like home – we can help! While you’re busily packing up the old house, we can paint, install, build, repair, or improve your new house to accommodate your wants and needs. It’s all done before you even move in.

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