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The Handyman Group and the Environment

At The Handyman Group Franchise Network, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and taking responsible actions towards sustainability. As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. Our environmental policy outlines our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and fostering eco-conscious practices within our franchise network.

Policy Statement:

Resource Efficiency: We pledge to utilize natural resources efficiently, minimizing waste and conserving energy wherever possible. This includes using eco-friendly products and adopting energy-efficient technologies.
Waste Reduction: We are dedicated to reducing waste in our operations. This involves recycling, reusing, and responsibly disposing of materials and equipment to minimize our contribution to landfills.
Eco-conscious Purchasing: We prioritize purchasing products and materials that are environmentally responsible and sustainable, considering factors such as recyclability, biodegradability, and eco-label certifications.
Transportation: We encourage our franchisees to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting eco-friendly transportation methods, such as carpooling, cycling, or using fuel-efficient vehicles.
Training and Awareness: We commit to providing our franchisees with education and training on environmentally responsible practices. This includes best practices for reducing waste, energy conservation, and eco-conscious product usage.
Legislative Compliance: We ensure compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations in the regions where our franchises operate. We continually monitor and update our practices to meet or exceed these standards.
Environmental Impact Assessment: Our franchisees are encouraged to conduct periodic environmental impact assessments to identify opportunities for improvement and the reduction of their environmental footprint.
Community Engagement: We believe in engaging with local communities on environmental initiatives and projects. Our franchise network actively participates in community clean-up efforts and environmental education programs.
Continuous Improvement: We commit to ongoing evaluation and improvement of our environmental performance, setting specific goals and objectives to measure our progress.

The Handyman Group Franchise Network holds all franchisees and employees responsible for adhering to this environmental policy and contributing to its success.
The network management will provide the necessary resources and support to implement and maintain the policy effectively.

This environmental policy will be communicated to all franchisees, employees, and stakeholders. It will also be made publicly available on our website and included in franchise agreements and training materials.

Review and Update:

The Handyman Group Franchise Network will review and update this environmental policy regularly to stay aligned with evolving environmental practices and standards.

By adopting and implementing this policy, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability while offering eco-conscious handyman services to our clients. Together, we can create a better, greener future for all.

Approved by The Handyman Group Franchise Network Management

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