What To Look For When Selecting Timber For Your Next Project.

Date: 12 Jun 2024

If you're working on a construction project in New Zealand and need 100mm x 100mm or other large posts, inspecting them first is crucial. Here's why and how to ensure you get the best quality materials.

What is 100mm x 100mm Timber?

100 x 100 timber is a fundamental component in construction, widely used as posts in the framing of homes, sheds, and various other structures across New Zealand. The name “100 x 100" refers to its dimensions. Depending on your project’s requirements, you can choose between treated and untreated 100 x 100 timber. It's important to note that treated 100 x 100 timber is significantly heavier due to the treatment process.

Why You Should Inspect 100 x 100 timber

When sourcing 100 x 100s (or any large posts), it's vital to inspect them carefully. Why? Many posts, particularly those that are 2.4m in length, are often sourced from logs used for veneer production. This process involves peeling the veneer from the log, similar to unrolling paper towels, leaving only the log's core. The central "pith" of the log is the least stable part and is highly susceptible to twisting, splitting, and bowing. This issue is exacerbated in treated 4x4s, as the treatment process can increase warping.

How to Inspect 100 x 100 timber

At your local timber supplier or home improvement store, carefully examine the stack of posts. Avoid posts with end grains that resemble a bulls-eye pattern. Instead, select the straightest posts with the minimal amount of center pith. This inspection will help ensure the structural integrity of your project.

How to Get the Best of the Pile

To find the best quality 100 x 100 posts, look for those without a bulls-eye pattern and with growth rings extending from edge to edge. While perfect lumber is rare, taking the time to select the best available will pay off in the long run. Additionally, consult resources on selecting high-quality lumber for DIY projects to enhance your building efforts.

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What To Look For When Selecting Timber For Your Next Project.

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