Ensuring Comfortable Aging in Place: 8 Essential Home Upgrades by The Handyman Group in New Zealand

Date: 20 Oct 2023

Ensuring Comfortable Aging in Place: 8 Essential Home Upgrades by The Handyman Group in New Zealand.

As the baby boomer generation ages, planning home modifications for "aging in place" becomes increasingly important. According to research by Age Concern, nearly 90 percent of seniors wish to remain in their current homes as they grow older. Are your parents among them? To create the most comfortable and secure environment for their retirement years, a well-thought-out plan for home modifications is essential.

In this guide, we present eight crucial home upgrades that will help your family provide exceptional care for your aging loved ones, enabling them to enjoy their retirement years in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

1.) Replace Cabinet and Door Handles

An easy but impactful improvement is replacing traditional cabinet hardware and doorknobs with D handles. Traditional knobs can be challenging for individuals with arthritis, but D handles offer an ergonomic design suitable for everyone. This small modification can make everyday life more manageable for those facing age-related stiffness.

2.) Install Grab Bars and Railings Throughout the Home

Grab bars are simple yet essential devices, typically placed in the shower or near the toilet, providing stability and support. Proper installation is crucial, and a professional handyman ensures they are both functional and visually appealing. Consider adding railings to stairways for enhanced safety.

3.) Make Showering Convenient and Safe

Enhance bathroom safety by installing a corner seat in the shower, offering a secure spot for resting and a convenient place for shower essentials. Upgrading to a handheld shower head ensures ease of use, especially for those with mobility challenges.

4.) Add a Seat Near the Stairs

To alleviate the fatigue of climbing stairs, consider adding a bench at strategic locations, such as halfway up the staircase or on the front porch. These resting spots can help prevent accidents and offer a moment of respite.

5.) Raise the Toilet Seats

Elevated toilet seats, combined with grab bars, enhance bathroom safety, reducing the risk of falls. Falls are a significant concern for seniors, particularly in the bathroom.

6.) Make the Kitchen Slip-Free

The kitchen is a common site for accidents. Install no-glare, non-slip flooring to create a safer kitchen environment, especially for seniors who may have difficulty with mobility.

7.) Widen Doorways to 36 Inches, at Minimum

Wider doorways improve accessibility for wheelchair users, walkers, and caregivers. Compliance with Age concern guidelines ensures a user-friendly environment. Additionally, lowering light switches to accommodate wheelchair users can be addressed during this upgrade.

8.) Install Pull-Down/Pull-Out Shelves in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Implement pull-down and pull-out shelves in high cabinets and lower cabinets, respectively, to enhance accessibility and minimize bending. Consider a "Lazy Susan" in corner cabinets for easier item retrieval.

Cost Estimates for Your Projects

For precise cost estimates tailored to your specific needs, get in touch with us. Our experts will gather project details, such as the number of cabinet knobs to upgrade, the number of bathrooms, and the kitchen's square footage. The Handyman Group in New Zealand is here to assist you. Contact us or request service online to begin your home upgrade projects.

Whether your parents are nearby or miles away, finding a reliable handyman for their home improvement and maintenance needs is essential. Inquire about our Done Right Guarantee for added peace of mind.

Ensuring Comfortable Aging in Place: 8 Essential Home Upgrades by The Handyman Group in New Zealand

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