Easy Winter Warmth Tips for Your Home

Date: 6 Jul 2024

As winter settles in, it's the perfect time to bundle up and stay cozy indoors. If you’ve ticked off all your winter home maintenance tasks, you might be ready to relax. But what’s that chill? Before you get too comfortable, check out our easy tips for keeping your home warm and snug this winter.

Plug Those Gaps

Cold air often sneaks in through windows and doors with worn or missing seals. While it’s best to have these fixed professionally, a quick fix is to use a door snake to block draughts. Draught stopper tape is also excellent for sealing timber joinery. Don’t forget to secure cat flaps or doggy doors!

Use Natural Sunlight

Winter sun may be rare, but when it shines, open your windows and curtains to let in light and warmth. Remember to close them before dusk to trap the accumulated heat inside.

Choose the Right Curtains

Thick, double-layered curtains can significantly reduce heat loss. Ensure they’re wider than the window frames, fit snugly against the wall, and touch the floor for the best insulation.

Dry Clothes Outdoors

It might seem odd to dry clothes outside in winter, but it helps reduce indoor moisture. One load of laundry can release up to five liters of water into your home, making it colder. Hang clothes outside, or under a sheltered area if it’s raining.

Insulate Your Hot Water Cylinder

If your hot water cylinder is older, consider replacing it. In the meantime, use a purpose-built wrap to help it retain heat. Set the thermostat to 55°C at the tap to avoid scalding.

Consider Double Glazing

Double glazing is a more permanent solution to keep your home warm and reduce condensation. Window insulator kits are a DIY option, but professional double glazing ensures no damage to the glass. If budget is a concern, start with the most-used rooms.

We hope these tips help you keep your home warm quickly. For professional assistance with double glazing or sealing window frames, give us a call! We’ll make sure you stay cozy all winter long.

Easy Winter Warmth Tips for Your Home

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