Create a Functional Home Office with The Handyman Group in New Zealand

Date: 18 Oct 2023

Create a Functional Home Office with The Handyman Group in New Zealand.

Built-in desks seamlessly blend form and function, offering practical workspaces while maintaining a clutter-free space. They exude a timeless, tailored aesthetic, distinguishing them from standalone desks. If you desire a workspace that can be discreetly tucked away when not in use, some thoughtful planning can make that a reality.

This project is versatile, accommodating quick retrofits or comprehensive installations and upgrades. No matter your requirements or budget, there's likely a built-in desk solution that's perfect for you.

Types of Built-In Office Desks for Your Home Office in New Zealand

From compact, space-saving workspaces concealed in closets to expansive library-style installations and everything in between, you have various options for built-in desks in your New Zealand home office.

  1. The Closet Built-In Desk: Transform an unused spare room closet into a "cloffice." This cost-effective solution involves creating a built-in desk within a closet using mounting brackets, lumber, and perhaps a shelf or two. Add task lighting, and you'll have a compact workspace that can be hidden away by closing the closet door at the end of the workday.

  2. Built-In Kitchen Desk: The kitchen often serves as the heart of a home, making it an ideal location for a built-in desk. Claim a section of counter space, select the right chair or stool, and set up your workspace. For a more extensive kitchen office, consider removing cabinets and adjusting the countertop height to create a comfortable workstation.

  3. Built-In Corner Desk: Maximize space with a built-in corner desk, utilizing otherwise wasted corner areas. You can construct a corner desk from standard lumber with basic construction skills or opt for prefabricated cabinets designed for corner use as the base.

  4. Built-In Bookshelves with Desk: If you require ample bookshelves, consider integrating built-in bookshelves with wider "shelves" that double as built-in desks. This approach enhances the overall aesthetics of the space while providing abundant storage for office supplies and books.

Find Local Help for Your Built-in Desk Project in New Zealand

Whether you have a dedicated home office or aim to enhance an existing room's functionality, a built-in desk could be the ideal solution. These desks are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. While it can be an enjoyable DIY project for many homeowners, if you find it daunting, you can rely on The Handyman Group in New Zealand. Our professionals can help you make your built-in desk project a reality. Take advantage of the Neighborly Done Right Promise by reaching out to us or submitting an online request for our custom built-in desk services.

Create a Functional Home Office with The Handyman Group in New Zealand

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