5 Reasons To Invest in The Handyman Group Franchise

Date: 30 Sep 2022

The Handyman Group is one of the fastest-growing Home Services franchise brands in New Zealand.

After starting in 2020, The Handyman Group Franchise brand has taken an unprofessional and unsophisticated industry and created a trusted brand known for quality work, quick response times and a professional approach to the handyman industry.

Founded by Troy Hillard an experienced franchisor, with its initial franchise location in Hamilton New Zealand, The Handyman Group has grown to more than 5 locations across the country in less than two years of franchising, servicing 12 cities and towns.

The Handyman Group is changing the way that handyman services are being delivered in New Zealand. Up until now, the handyman industry has been a guy in a van with some tools. “These guys,” our competitors, are good at the trades, but they aren’t necessarily entrepreneurs’ says Mr. Hillard. “We have taken this backwards industry and injected it with a dose of professionalism and technology. Our professional, branded handyman shows up ON TIME EVERY TIME in their clean and shiny vans, nice-looking uniforms, and friendly, guaranteed services. And by doing this, we have quickly become known as the trusted handyman source in the markets we serve. And subsequently, our Franchise Partners have captured a large share of the local handyman market in the cities and towns we service.” On top of that, we are quickly becoming THE trusted provider for commercial organizations such as Property Managers and retail chains, which is really driving our growth in New Zealand.

Here are five great reasons to franchise with The Handyman Group:

Our business is growing in every way.

The Handyman Group franchise is a dynamic, growing system lead by a leader who never stops thinking about growth. And it shows. Since its inception, The Handyman Group franchises have grown in all ways – Revenue growth, customer counts, average job size, and the % of repeat customers are just some of the metrics we track that continues to grow.

One of the key reasons we are seeing strong Year over Year growth is what I call the snowball effect: Our residential clients repeat at least twice a year, and our commercial clients so much more. Our commercial/residential mix has grown from commercial being only 10% of our business to almost 50% of our business.

Lead by a team with a deep, franchise pedigree.

Troy Hillard, Co-founder and CEO earned their franchise experience building the trusted brand Wash Rite which is the largest exterior cleaning brand in the southern hemisphere. Troy spent 7 years as a Managing Director and still is sole owner of this brand,

Their 7 years of experience building one of New Zealand's largest franchise brands taught them a few things, namely, how to build a world-class service brand AND a world-class franchise brand. “we have taken several fundamental principles and best practices from our experience building Wash Rite? I think one of the most important things we learned was:It’s a lower-cost franchise to get into, and a low-cost business to operate.

Because we don’t have real estate and expensive build-outs, launching a handyman franchise is fast – our average franchise partner launches within three months of becoming a franchise partner; AND low-cost start-up.

On top of the low start-up costs, it is a low-cost franchise to operate. You only have necessary monthly expenses, like vehicle and business insurance, lease payments on your van, etc., and you don't have to worry about lease contracts on a building. Coupled with our strong focus on marketing systems, our speed to break even, which is our main focus at the start-up stage, has been fast across our network so far. As a CEO and founder and operator of a business myself, I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur. I know the stress of starting a business, wondering when I will make enough to cover my costs. so, we developed this business model that makes its primary focus, before our franchise partners even launch their franchise, to break even as fast as possible.

Our market is growing and will keep growing.

We are in a massive market with an ever-growing need, with 8 million homes and businesses in New Zealand that need help with their handyman tasks. People have less time; people are becoming less handy; people embrace outsourcing home functions more than ever before in history; our consumer market is growing; our commercial market is growing. And it isn’t going to stop. And our services won’t go away when a recession hits. It’s a great and stable growing market.

The add on products and services potential is the super booster.

The Handyman Group franchisees are poised to continue to grow their businesses for years to come with the addition of new products and services complementary to its core businesses of handyman services. Ove the next two years, the company has a full slate of rollouts, which will bolster its average client revenue.

“Where I get most excited about our future are the add-ons,” says Hillard. We have now been in the homes of thousands of handyman customers and have an excellent perspective on what other services our customers need. We have taken this knowledge and are in the midst of testing two products right now and seeing a lot of early success. The upsell potential in this business is enormous. This will be our revenue booster for our franchisees in the years to come!

Ready to open a The Handyman Group franchise in your community?

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About The Handyman Group

The Handyman Group changed the handyman business when it entered the industry with its professional and technology-driven approach to the industry in 2020. Today, the company is multiplying across New Zealand as it opens in new markets.

With more than 12 towns and cities serviced nationwide and over 2500 jobs completed making The Handyman Group one of the leaders in the Handyman industry in New Zealand.

The Handyman Group is an innovative and rapid growing brand! For more information, visit www.handymangroup.co.nz

5 Reasons To Invest in The Handyman Group Franchise

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