5 Most Common Services A Handyman Does

Date: 25 Jun 2022

A Handyman service like the services that The Handyman Group provides its clients is a very handy service for people who are time poor. A lot of people use a handyman service to complete the jobs that they don't have the time nor the experience to do. Below are the 5 most common services that professionals and The Handyman Group provide its clients.


If your window trim is broken or your room requires a door installation, this is something a handyperson can take care of. They can also focus on minor patio or backyard fixes, especially if your deck needs sanding, power-washing, or refinishing.

There are other carpentry projects suitable for a handyperson, such as:

  • Building shelves
  • Fixing holes in walls
  • Handing doors
  • Repairing door trims
  • Installing pet doors

Assembling Furniture and Decor

If you’ve recently bought new furniture or are looking to remodel or replace items in your home, this could be a great time to put everything together. From fixing faulty chairs and cabinets to hanging new wall art and mirrors, these handyperson projects can make a huge difference in your space and give it a fresh new vibe.


Whether you’re working on a room, the exterior of your home, or some decor pieces, painting can give your house the perfect easy makeover. When hiring a handyperson to paint for you, you can get started by clearing the room or sanding down the object that’ll be painted. Also, keep the area ventilated by opening windows or adding a fan to avoid inhaling paint fumes.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Gutters need to be free of dirt and debris to work properly. If not cleaned, water damage can cause foundation issues, and roof damage inside and outside your home.

While cleaning your gutters doesn't seem like a challenging winter handyman project, safety needs to be taken very seriously. You need to be very comfortable with climbing extension ladders or buying tools that’ll allow you to stay on the ground. It’s best to reach out to a pro to complete this task if you’re concerned about doing home improvement repairs on a ladder.

Installation Of Devices

When some buys a new big screen TV or a fancy surround sound audio system for their house it can daunting trying the mount the TV bracket and than TV without experience, Also running audio visual cable to different parts of the room and house is also another daunting task that maybe required. The experienced handyman at The Handyman Group are experienced in mounting your TV, and setting up your audio visual system to turn your home into a movie cinema.

5 Most Common Services A Handyman Does

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