10 Innovative Approaches to Adding a Personal Touch to Your Laundry Room

Date: 28 Oct 2023

Make your laundry room a place where you actually want to spend time!

With three children, my laundry room has become a place I frequent quite often. I have to confess, it used to be a rather uninspiring space with its beige walls, beige tiles, and an abundance of cleaning supplies – not the most uplifting sight!

However, not too long ago, I embarked on a mission to give it a much-needed makeover. My objective was clear: to turn it into an aesthetically pleasing room without breaking the bank and, if possible, make laundry time a tad more enjoyable. The solution? A touch of peel-and-stick wallpaper, a fresh coat of white paint, a stylish rug, and a couple of spacious baskets – the results were nothing short of transformative!

If you're ready to infuse some life into your own laundry room, take a look at these uncomplicated decorating ideas that can breathe new life into this often-overlooked space, revealing its hidden potential.

Playful Art

I often feel like I’m in a constant state of loading, unloading and folding clothes. So this laundry room artwork made me chuckle.

When our handyman give this space a makeover, they added a few tasteful touches to make this space a little more enjoyable. 

Open Shelves

As you enhance the aesthetics of your laundry room, don't forget to enhance its functionality too. Consider incorporating open shelving, These shelves can serve multiple purposes, from displaying decorative items and framed art to neatly organizing your laundry supplies. Add a charming bowl or basket to corral those miscellaneous items emptied from pockets. To infuse a touch of elegance without breaking the bank, place a pretty vase filled with flowers or greenery in the room.

Stain Guide Art

I find myself constantly searching for stain removal tips on my phone while tackling the laundry, but The Handyman Group has come up with a far more convenient solution!

This minimalist artwork not only adds a stylish touch to the laundry room but also doubles as a handy stain removal and laundry care guide. The best part is that it won't break the bank. All you need to do is download the artwork from her shop, print it at home or through your preferred photo-printing service, and then place it in a frame.”

Storage Jars

Here's an additional approach to enhance the aesthetics of your laundry room: eliminate the unsightly packaging and visual chaos. Instead, consider transferring your laundry detergent, fabric softener, scent boosters, and other essentials into transparent jars.

This collection of laundry storage jars includes waterproof labels with a matte finish that you can personalise. Who would have thought that laundry supplies could be this visually appealing?

Bold Colours

Laundry rooms, often small and tucked away, offer the ideal canvas for bold experimentation. What amplifies the impact even further is the decision to paint both the ceiling and baseboard in the same captivating hue as the walls. This earthy tone manages to make a bold statement without overwhelming the space with excessive brightness.

Black and White

A laundry room can be beautifully transformed with a crisp and classic black-and-white colour scheme. Achieving this elegant look through the use of straightforward elements such as wooden shelves, white subway tiles, and black flooring, blending them harmoniously to create a timeless style for the space. Don't overlook the importance of those final touches, like adding faux greenery for a soft, textural element, and framed artwork to adorn the walls. Elevating everyday items, such as using a woven basket in place of plastic, offers yet another effortless method to enhance the room's aesthetic appeal.

Chic Wallpaper

Much like a vibrant paint choice, wallpaper has the magic to transform a petite laundry room into a concealed gem. A laundry room designed by the Handyman Group can showcases tongue-and-groove wainscoting paired with a delightful lemon-branch-patterned wallpaper, introducing character into what might have been an ordinary space. The unexpected touches, such as the hanging plant in the window and the charming antique chair, add a delightful twist to the room's overall appeal.

Elegant-Looking Contact Paper

While marble may not be a budget-friendly choice for many of us in our laundry rooms can skilfully employs contact paper to craft the illusion of luxurious marble.By applying the contact paper to both the wall and countertop, introducing a couple of open shelves, and transferring her laundry essentials into attractive containers, the end result is a laundry room that exudes a high-end aesthetic without the associated hefty price tag.

Conceal Laundry Connections

While paint, wallpaper, and artwork can work wonders, your laundry room might still retain its unappealing utilitarian appearance if you don't address the exposed laundry appliance connections.

Paint the Appliances

I may not have the courage for a laundry room project like this, but take inspiration from previous jobs The Handyman group has done before as they fearlessly paints customers washer a vibrant pink! It's a unique method to refresh your laundry appliances.

You can opt for a similar colour as your walls to achieve a seamless integration with the overall decor, or go bold and pick your favourite colour (maybe even pink!) to infuse a touch of joy into the space."

10 Innovative Approaches to Adding a Personal Touch to Your Laundry Room

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