Helpful Tips for Bathroom Renovations From The Experts

Date: 17 Nov 2023

So, it’s that time to give your bathroom a new lease on life. You're looking forward to the days of relaxing showers and hassle-free bathroom moments, free from cobwebs and worn-out corners. But the idea of diving into the renovation process might also come with its share of decisions and expenses.

Fret not! Here are ten invaluable tips to gear you up for your bathroom renovation journey, especially if you’re in Nelson or Hamilton and considering The Handyman Group for the job:

  1. Window Transformation
    Older homes often boast windows in odd spots, like right above the toilet or tub, offering an unintentional show to your neighbors. If moving your bathroom window has ever crossed your mind, now's the ideal time. During renovations, shifting the window can smoothly integrate with the process, saving you from a separate project later on.

  2. Toilet Tactics
    Not keen on moving the window? How about relocating the toilet for better privacy? Consulting with your local handyman from The Handyman Group can help navigate this adjustment. And remember, if the toilet's on the move, your plumber should check the pipes for leaks, odd smells, or blockages.

Consider upgrading your toilet to a more efficient dual flush or low-profile option, or opt for a funky retro style to spice things up. Adding decorative elements like rocks or pebbles around the toilet can be a quirky touch!

  1. Flooring Finesse
    Matching your flooring with shower walls? Some tile varieties work well both on the floor and as wall tiles. Experiment with decorative borders to break monotony, adding flair to shower walls or floors.

For those chilly months in Nelson or Hamilton, explore radiant heating beneath your flooring for a cozy post-shower experience. Supplement it with overhead heaters, heated towel racks, or even heated toilet seats!

  1. Wall Rejuvenation
    Is your drywall worse for wear? Before laying new shower tiles, consider replacing the bathroom drywall. This presents a golden opportunity to rethink your bathroom's door placement or layout.

  2. Painting Prowess
    Choose water-resistant paint with a semi-gloss or eggshell finish for easy cleaning. Neutral tones often appeal to a broader audience if you’re renovating for resale.

  3. Decor Dazzle
    Deciding on a theme? Whether it’s a calming beach vibe or a modern, sleek look, seeking inspiration from magazines or platforms like Pinterest can guide your creativity. Houzz’s “Ideabooks” can help plan your decor before starting the renovation, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

  4. Exhaust Excellence
    Combat moisture by installing an efficient exhaust fan suited to your bathroom's size. Consider adding a timer for post-shower humidity control.

  5. Shower Supreme
    From a brand-new shower to spa jets in the tub, consider your preferences and potential resale value. Glass-enclosed showers exude luxury but might require adjustments in plumbing and can be pricier.

  6. Budget Basics
    Plan your budget thoroughly and allow for unexpected expenses. Bathroom renovations in Nelson or Hamilton can range from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the scale of work needed.

  7. Money-Saving Methods
    Consider a DIY approach if you have the skills, but don’t hesitate to engage professionals like The Handyman Group for guidance. Start planning early to compare prices and scout for deals, demo items, or online discounts.

Remember to keep receipts organised, especially for excess materials that can be returned or useful for future home sales.

Helpful Tips for Bathroom Renovations From The Experts

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